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I will sell this pillow to IKEA and we will MAKE MILLIONS!

Kayla says: “Tessa is so comfy! Everybody should have one!”
:) Rose

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  1. Shelties have good taste and they love another sheltie! I would love a sheltie pillow (Kessa) and a Tessa! They are beautiful girls.

  2. This is so funny. Why would a Sheltie allow another one to sleep on their head? Mine like their own space.

  3. I’ll take 2 please.

  4. What beautiful colors! Gorgeous pets.

  5. I would definitely buy it.

  6. Oh so cute!!!!

  7. I want to place an order for the pillow!

  8. I think of the licking as a built-in spa service. :)

  9. sure a sheltie pillow is nice as long as it does not try and lick you

  10. Too cute for words!

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