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Shameless Begging

Duncan is ready and waiting for that next morsel to fall.

Always an extra treat right, Beth? ;)

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  1. Duncan, Beth and her other “furkids” are friends of mine on facebook! He is a very handsome and photogenic Sheltie boy! We love him and his Mom!! Sheltie Nation rocks!

  2. Duncan is one happy boy. Love him.

  3. Thank you so much Ricki! Duncan is my 3rd Sheltie (2 at the Bridge) and I have 2 other ones at home as well. I adore them all! Love Sheltie Nation!!!

  4. Duncan is a beautiful Sheltie. Who could resist that charming face when wanting treats? He has a wonderful & caring mom too! :)

  5. How can you resist dropping me another treat when I am so sweet!

  6. I LOVE Duncan’s lovely nose. He is a handsome boy and I am sure he is so sweet!!

  7. Duncan and I are friends on FaceBook! He’s one special boy with a special mom :)

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