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Smile, Everybody!

Shelby says: “I’m your Friday Fuzzy, so smile!”

Looks like trouble to me, Kathy! ;)

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  1. That’s my girl. This is one of my all time favorite photos of Miss Shelby.. She’s a sweetie pie! 7 mos old now!!! She has our hearts! Thanks for the wonderful comments!
    Shelby’s mommy,

  2. Shelby looks very Happy. He has a big smile.

  3. I want Shelby to come and live at my house.

  4. OOPSIE I meant litlle girl at top!

  5. How can you resist him…You are going to have lots of fun with this little girl…Enjoy!!! She is adorable and especially with that so resistable smile on her face…Ready and raring to go!

  6. How could you NOT smile in return?!

  7. I love this stage! When the puppy fluff is still there but the adult coat is starting to come in. How can we not smile at a sweet face like that!

  8. Oh, you are in some much trouble. She is to hard to resist. What a beautiful face.

  9. I love those little teephers!! Enjoy the puppy sage – such fun :)

  10. Oh, yes indeed!
    But I want him (her?) just the same. Have fun with Shelby, Kathy. What a spark — a great personality about to bloom!

  11. I am smiling with you Shelby! How can you not with a cheeky and cute smile like that!

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