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“Snorgle” is My Middle Name

How do you say ‘wee little snuggly Sheltie’ in Japanese?
:)) minopan

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  1. I must edit what I wrote, because this site didn’t recognize the Kanji. “Kawaii chiisai Sheltie” is what I wrote in Japanese, except that it was replaced with question marks. I apologize for the confusion!

  2. I’m guessing you’d call it ????????????. Because that is one cute little Sheltie!

  3. Gee, so beautiful! And, no colic!!

    Sweet, darling, baby Sheltie, so much wonderfulness in a small, furry, little bundle!

  4. Now That’s one comfortable pup!

  5. Beautiful little Sheltie. I have three and not one will lay in our laps.

  6. Awwww! so precious!

  7. he is so adorable…..and cuddly too!

  8. The sheltie is so beautiful. I love his furry ears! Thanks for giving us such a beauty to see today.

  9. So cute and so relaxed!

  10. I have a new word in my vocabulary today. And what an adorable dog, sleeping while being cuddled, I hope my dogs don’t find out about this. I’ll never get any rest if I have to cuddle 2 shelties all day and night!

  11. So sweet and snuggly!! What a precious little Sheltie!
    THanks for starting my day with a smile!

  12. Such a beautiful Sheltie can see how one could absolutely fall in love with this adorable dog!! Just look at that face!!!!

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