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Amazing Sheltie Hybrid!

Holly Cow! Check out the newly discovered two-headed shelcat hybrid!

Brandi and Sam look like they are pretty good friends,Terry. :)

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  1. Now that’s an efficient way to clean crumbs off the table! LOL

  2. Crumbs will make for some strange bedfellows!

  3. Boy their breeding program has really gone in a different direction. A cute direction!

  4. I love the two pretty heads! More faces to kiss. Looks like they have a great time sharing, too!

  5. Oh, that is a great photo! ? Love it!

  6. Of course, the Sheltie is helping out by cleaning up crumbs ;)

  7. What an adorable picture….Best friends!

  8. Aw… they look like they are best friends .Too cute !

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