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Are You Intimidated Yet? Huh? Are You?

Savannah, you are very brave.

Does your rubber chicken give you courage? ;)

Very cute toe nibbler, Kate!

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  1. Nothing like puppy courage!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our photo of little Savannah with our neighbor, Annabelle. I was a nervous wreck (Savvy was about 4 pounds in this photo), but Annabelle was very gentle. :-)

  3. The Dane is sooo big the sheltie pup can fit his mouth only on it’s nail! Too cute. Shelties are fearless.

  4. AWW !
    Savannah, Almost finished..Next nail please!
    Lots of pateince on the big doggie,s part….. So cute!

  5. So funny how the really small dogs seem the most brave. The Great Dane is probably too scared to move…lol.

  6. Savannah is too cute and the large doggie is so patient and kind to let her do his nails. Thanks for sharing pictures of these two beautiful dogs!!

  7. Great picture, sheltie puppies are fearless! What a gentle ginat the great dane is!

  8. Savannah is doing well as a nail specialist. The rubber chicken is a nail polish brush. If you look at the comb, you can see the color polish, that Savannah will apply right after filing the nails, matches the Great Dane’s collar.

  9. Gotta be the rubber chicken! Too funny — a great Friday Fuzzy, Kelly, and thanks, Kate!

  10. Savannah has no idea! And what a sweet, sweet, SWEET ‘Big Dog’! This toe nibbler has definitely tickled my funny bone; i’m still chuckling!

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