Sheltie Nation

I hope you have an enormous vase.

Freshly bloomed Shelties. They smell so lovely this time of year. ;)

Maverick: Do I look as dumb as you?
Ryder: Yup! I hope Mom does not show this picture to anyone.

Love those Easter “bonnets”, Karen! :)

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  1. Thanks again!
    They are good sports!

  2. So cute! Best supermodels ever!

  3. That baby on the right really likes this ‘cheesecake’ stuff. He’s smiling!
    The baby on the left is really cute with the little pink tongue–“I can lick you before you lick me, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!”

  4. Oh Mav, Ryder…I feel for you. Guys just don’t wear flowery stuff like that.

    Just what did you guys do to get on Mom’s bad side? Do something bad in her Corn Flakes?

  5. They are so cute! What good sports for wearing the flower gear. I hope these beauties got lots of treats. Shelties do smell good. Love the tongue sticking out of mouth and little kisses.

  6. Ryder and Maverick look picture perfect LOL
    and Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments!
    They are such good models! They know photography means treats and lots of ball playing.

  8. Sure they are embarassed but we certainly enjoyed seeing these great sports. Beautiful dogs!! And yes, I always love the smell of shelties.

  9. LOL!!! I LOVE this! Going to share it far and wide :)

  10. LOL. I tried this with Lucy, but she was NOT having it. You are lucky to have sweet dogs that will wear headpieces!

  11. You know you’re going to pay dearly for this.

  12. As usual Karen, Ryder and Maverick are looking very festive for the holiday….Happy Easter to your family!

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