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Kinsey says: “Mom, those Dr. Schools Odor Eaters must really work!”

What does go through a Sheltie’s head, Sheila? :))

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  1. That’s where Annie learned that habit – from her sister!! She does the same thing to Wayne’s shoes!!

  2. ‘You may think these smell bad, but I nose it!’

  3. Darling shelties. Our Tory loves sticking his nose in his Dad’s black shoes. He only likes black ones. Mickey Finn, our other sheltie, loves bedroom slippers and got ahold of 6 pair which he devoured. Thanks for sharing the cute picture.

  4. My girl, Lucy, always did the same thing. Now my young one, Beau, does it. Never figured out why.

  5. My shelties do the same thing! lol. The scent must remind them of us!

  6. Our Chloe loves untying the show laces. She’s done this since she was 8 weeks old. Also loves feet and likes nothing better than to fall asleep with her head on someone’s foot

  7. ahhahahaah
    Love it and got a good chuckle for today!! Kelly love to stick her nose in shoes and boots too…

  8. My Forrest does that when Dad’s getting ready to walk him! He often flips the shoe after sticking his nose into it. He also snorts, barks, and generally goes crazy….He loves walks lol.

    Cute picture of a pretty Sheltie! (well the part of the Sheltie I can see)

  9. Great photo! My two Shelties enjoy rolling in my sweaty socks after yard work. Yuck. Super good looking girl, even though she looks a tad bit mischieveous. All the more to love.

  10. Very Cute Shot. Rocco does the same thing, he loves shoes, stick your nose in them or sleep on them. Serena on the other hand, totally ignores them.

  11. One dogs stink is another dogs perfume! Luv that baby! Looks like my Lady.

  12. My sheltie likes stinky shoes too. Mine are no good but she likes to stuff her head down my husbands, mom, and dads. She’ll rub the side of her face towards them like perfume, so gross! LOL

  13. Glad to know my booboo isn’t the only one who does this. Soon as the shoe comes off, his snout goes in!

  14. Kinsey Marie, what do you think you’re doing? Did you hide a kibble in there????

  15. I think somebody must have been *mean* to this poor baby and dropped a treat down in the toe! I see the other Sheltie to the left, they both look like beautiful babies.

    • Honestly, there were no treats involved! I was just watching TV. I looked down and Kinsey had her head stuck in my shoe. And with 6 Shelties, I really do keep a camera close by at all times;-)

      • Shelia, I hope you didn’t take this as a bad comment, that is why I put * * around the word mean. I, like everyone else was having a LOL moment at the silly Sheltie antics. As furparents, can we ever get enough of these little Angels? I hope I did not offend you, that certainly was not my attentions.

        • oops! intentions.

          • I knew you were kidding. I just wanted people to realize I didn’t set this up, Kinsey was just being her silly self. I appreciate you leaving a post and the “Beautiful Babies” remark:-) One of my best friends, Chris, wrote the next post and accused me of hiding kibble! LOL!

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