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Yankee says: “cocktails will be served at 3 o’clock”

Such manners, Deborah!

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  1. Yankee looks so wise!!

  2. Beautiful baby! Is that Mendocino or Daytona in the background?

  3. What a handsome boy Yankee is. So proper with his crossed paws. Wonder if he minds getting his fur all messed up in the water? My Danny won’t go in unless he falls off the seawall by accident.

  4. So adorable! My sheltie is too shy to enjoy the beach. But after a lot of encouragement he now likes streams. Your Yankee is beautiful!

  5. He is very pretty…Nice photo and love his crossed feet!

  6. One of the many things we love about shelties: those crossed font paws. Yankee is a handsome gentleman!

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