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Puppy Growlies!

You get em’ Coco!
So cute,

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  1. What a cutie..haha He is really giving that oven what funny !
    Kelly loves to attack our dishwasher also! She is also our daily recycler as she jumps up onto the dishwasher to see what goodies she can steal off the plates!

  2. what a be3autiful little puppy and also what fun can be received out of playing with that little angel! I am envious!

  3. Oh, does this make me miss having a puppy! I love the little high barks of this beautiful puppy. My husband and I loved this ,espcially since we have an older sheltie who has been attacking the dishwasher since we got him as a one year old!

    I hope the owner will share more of this beautiful dog!!

  4. I just laughed until I cried!

    Thank you. That was a great way to start the day.

    Best wishes with your Fur Baby.

  5. Thanks for the morning puppy fix.. what a darling!

  6. What a cute little guy. Look at that tail go!!!

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