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We’re not almost there, and that is fine by me.

Ellie makes even the long road trips more fun.

What a good little traveler, Kelsey & Levi!

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  1. So relaxed! What a beautiful Sheltie!

  2. So cute she looks very comfy!!My Piper also gets carsick

  3. Ellie is very cute. Little Kelly still gets so carsick, so our travelling is not too often…Even taking her for short little trips up the hill or down the street to the park to the grocery store to get treats doesn,t seem to help…any suggestions? LOL

    • Check with vet. When daughter lived in Maryland and came to NJ, they gave their Sheltie something and it helped a lot. Don’t try without consulting but I think it was Dramamine.

  4. Ellie is gorgeous! Shelties are so sweet and cuddly, especially on a road trip. Love to Ellie.

  5. That is so precious. What a “cupcake” Ellie is! Lovely head profile too!

  6. Ellie’s a beauty! This happens on our family road trips too. We call Shadow “our heated arm rest.” What would we do without our beautiful, furry pals?

  7. Beautiful and snuggly!

  8. The elusive Cuddle Muffin Sheltie. Sooo cute!

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