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Who’s a Pretty Sheltie?

Patches is!

(hugs) Chris.  A very pretty Sheltie Angel.

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  1. So beautiful! Pictures like these are so wonderful to remember a best friend when they were so happy.

  2. Patches is there with all of “our angels”. Mine were Sandy and Lucky and I lvoe and miss them too!

  3. Just adorable and so happy!

  4. Bet he’s a handful.

  5. Awww. Just look at that beautiful, happy face.

  6. Patches is gorgeous. I love her coloring and her happy smile. I have 6 beautiful sheltie angels. Our memories are priceless.

  7. Patches is a beautiful little angel Chris, and a happy one. I am so sorry for you loss ! It is so hard to lose a much loved one.

  8. What a beautiful angel Patches is!

  9. beautiful happy dog!

  10. Pretty AND happy!

  11. My condolences Chris. It’s so heartbreaking to lose them… (And yes, Patches is very pretty.)

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