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Workin’ Overtime at Sheltie Nation HQ

Tyler says: “I like to dream that mommy is putting my picture up on Sheltie Nation again.”

Mommy loves to make you happy little man!

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  1. Can I have Tyler? Oh, and the couch and your computer too? LOL

    He is beautiful, he has a sense of humor, I love that smile/laugh on his face.

    Shelties, what are you gonna do??

  2. What a blessing… to work from home with your sheltie by your side!
    Nothing is more calming to the heart and soul than a sheltie close to you.
    Kelly, you and Tyler are a blessing to each other!
    LOVE that sweet sheltie smile Tyler!

  3. The best thing about this beautiful boy is the happiness on his face. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Not a care in the world. The way it should be! Great pic!

  5. What an adorable picture!

  6. I love our recent theme of snoozing Shelties!

  7. Just look at all the wonderful puppy dreams taking place in that head, that beautiful smile says it all . . . too bad we can’t all be in Tyler’s happy place.

  8. Tyler looks like such a sweetheart. I love his happy, sweet face!

  9. So very cute – he is just beautiful!!

  10. Oh my, Tyler is a little lover! What a gorgeous sheltie. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a shetland sheepdog and he is a beauty and a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

  11. Dream no more, you handsome boy :) Your mom loves showing off your pictures!

  12. Awwww!!! What a cute couch potato!

  13. I love to see a man who enjoys his work …

    Shadow says “Howdy, Tyler! I dream that my mom will do that too!”

    He’s a real beauty, Kelly. And such a handsome, happy face. :-)

  14. Nice MacBook!

  15. Awww, such love & devotion – what Shelties do best! :)

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