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And now for the Sheltie weather

A “cute” Storm is rolling in!

Little Storm is a real cutie, Clark & Pat!

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  1. Oh my!!! What a wonderful photo!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! Anothe big AHHHH! moment for me this evening..So cute he is! Hope you and Storm have many fun years ahead of you in the future! LOL

  3. Oh my …. what a cutie! Love the name … and that prance with the paw in the air! Welcome Storm – hope we see more of you!

  4. This one needs to come with a storm warning!!! Now I want another puppy!! What a doll….and nice picture, too!!

  5. oH MY, I love the face of Little Storm! His sweet little paw in the air as he is walking makes him even more adorable. Enjoy this wonderful puppy and send us more photos as he grows.

  6. Oh yes, come to me! I will catch you and snuggle you. Great photo! Now that’s the kind of “storm” I can handle any time of day or night. I get my own Sheltie fix from my sweet Cookie but then after reading the sad, bad news on the computer or newspaper, coming here to this site washes all that away. Thanks to all!

  7. I’d puppy sit him any day!! So adorable…

  8. This just made my day,…Little Storm you rock!

  9. I just got hit by a huge Cute Wave. I was hoping for a sweet Friday Fuzzy, and Storm is just adorable. I can almost smell puppy breath too!

  10. How beautiful!

  11. The cuteness almost kills me. I miss the fuzzy puppy stage.

  12. Sheltie Nation makes my day every day and as usual today, they did not disappoint! Storm is stunning. This little cutie is so far off the cute chart that a new one needs to be created just for this adorable face, I can almost smell the puppy breath from here. Thanks Clark and Pat for sharing.

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