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Close Encounter of the Cute Kind

Marley, you are very cute!

Lucky you, Brenda!

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  1. Adorable pup, really cute expression on his little face!

  2. Marley is very cute! In the fuzzy stage too that makes him really huggable.

  3. oh my goodness~ so ute and precious looking….

  4. Marley is adorable. I love his black mask! Have a wonderful time with this go0rgeous sheltie. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I spy a lot of FUN in those twinkling little eyes!

  6. What a cutie – he really looks like a Marley – great name for a beautiful sheltie boy.

  7. Oh my gosh! What an adorable fuzzy wuzzy puppy!Lots of hugs for little Marley!

  8. Haha! Yes Friday Fuzzy sums up my Marley! He is a little furball!

  9. Oh my, talk about a “Friday Fuzzy”—-There you have it! Very huggable!!

  10. What a serious little guy! Very cute :)

  11. I love his markings! Too cute!

  12. He is very cute, love his name too!

  13. That’s a lot of puppy! Adorable, give him a kiss for me.

  14. He’s a cutie and he knows it.

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