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Dream a Little Dream

Misti takes a power nap!

I love those pink puppy pads too, Robin!

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  1. Wow — she’s a beauty. I want to pick her up and snuggle her!

  2. Oh my … Misti is adorable!!! Recharging for the next round of puppy fun!!!

  3. Misti is one sweet, cuddly puff ball. Asleep or awake I don’t think I could leave her alone.

  4. Misti looks so sweet and pretty. I also love those little pink pads on her little feet! Have a wonderful life with Misti growing up.

  5. Oh, Misti is a beautiful puppy. I can’t wait to see more pictures of her as she grows (into a beautiful adult I’m sure!!).

  6. Such a beautiful little angel.

  7. Always the cutest Shelties on Sheltie Nation!

  8. Misti has to recharge her batteries cause I’m sure she’ll be off & running again as soon as she wakes. She is a very pretty pup.

  9. Misti is so cute!!!! Sweet dreams..little one !!!!LOL

  10. Soooooo cute!! Perfect name!

  11. Any puppy that cute would be exhausted! Misti is a beauty!

  12. Misti is beautiful!

  13. Misti is adorable! looks like she is recharging for another fun time with those toys.

    thanks for sharing this great picture,

  14. Misti, what a perfect name for such a pretty puppy!

  15. This looks like a power nap that happened mid-play . . . couldn’t go anymore and just dropped where she was. What a little beauty Misti is, hope to see more pictures as she grows and matures. Lucky you Robin, looks like a life time of fun coming your way. It looks like she will grow to be a stunning adult.

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