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I’m soooo NOT a sheep!

Does Huey tell Kelly to “cut me some quack?” :))

So what happened next, Dianne? :)

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  1. Brave duck! My shelties would chase him and eat him for breakfast!

  2. haah We have two ducks Huey and Dooey here on the lake that have made this their home they think…The game is the STARE…the BACK-UP then the Chase Huey goes flyin and Kelly is laughin!!!!
    I Have a photo of Kelly chasing Chester the Goose [ another game !]
    Chester had an injured wing one winter and we fed him all winter.
    .When all the geese come to the yard I open the door and tell her Chase the geese..Away her little legs fly, the geese and flying off in every direction, and she ends up in the lake up to her chest…then they have the stare………… as to who is going to win this game!!! Kelly does!!!!
    It is priceless as both her and the geese stay in one position defying each other and play it out intil they give up and toddle off next door! Too funny!

  3. I can hear the music from “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”.

  4. Brave duck ,he must be starring him to sleep. Cute !

  5. LOL!!! Looks like a stand off to me! I also would love to know what happened next.

    Our Ally LOVES to chase birds, don’t know what she’d do with a duck that stood its ground.

  6. My husband keep telling me we need to get some ducks for my sheltie (Bailey) to herd. But we rescued another sheltie which we will go pick her up tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  7. So who won the staring contest? LOL

  8. Thats a Sheltie isn’t it? Why isn’t she dancing and barking?

  9. The suspense is killing me. What happened next?

  10. Wow, that’s quite a staring match!

  11. Double dog dare ya to run like a duck

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