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Not So Easy Chair

Kira & Lexi say: “No room for you!”

Hope you have an extra chair, Leanne!

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  1. Too stinkin cute. And now I know after looking at these pics that my boy is definitely a sheltie. He looks exactly like them

  2. That’s pretty passive-aggressive right there. And it would totally work on me. No way would I disturb those two. LOL

  3. I know the feeling. I got up from the sofa a few minutes ago and came back to find Bentley in my spot AND he had his head on my pillow.

  4. I look at this site almost everyday while deployed here in Afghanistan and this picture makes me long for home! They are so cute. But not long now…just less than 2 weeks! Really sweet picture :)

    • Thank you Jenny for your service, I salute you. If appropriate HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU. Stay safe and we hope to welcome you stateside soon.

  5. adorable!! Is that two shelties or three? Can’t figure out how one could turn like that!! Cute expression on both!

  6. They are so pretty. i can not tell where one starts and the other begins! I know they are a joy to you and to each other. Thanks, Kira and lexi!

  7. Those cute little eyes and those cute little ears!!!!!
    OH MY– thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Isn’t that the way it should be?!!! LOL!!! Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

  9. What a couple of cuties!!!

  10. I can’t tell where one puppy begins and the other one begins!

  11. Hahahahaha! The one on the left has a look that says “Don’t you dare even THINK about kicking ME out of this chair!”

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  13. That’s hilarious!! Love it!

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