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Backseat Barkers

Aslan, Tayla, and tri-color Bodhi are all ready for a trip to…the local cookie mart?

So nice to see them buckled up safely, Sarah!

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  1. Awesome…The three little musketeers………,buckled up……….. and are now enroute to visit…The Cookie Monster!!! Yahoooo !
    So cute…LOL

  2. Adorable picture! I also have three Shelties that I harness in the backseat – although 2 of 3 seem to be able slip right out of their harness. Houdinis they are. How do you manage to keep your pups in the harness?

    • Nancy I’d like to know that too. Mine either gets tangled up, or last time he got out of the harness before I even got to the end of my street. And the harness does not fit loosely either.

  3. These three are beautiful. I know this is a happy sheltie family. Enjoy these special ones!!

  4. Ahhh, what cuties and so thrilled to see they are buckled up and safe. We have a trio too, all of them ride in the back and all are safely harnessed. I cringe when I see dogs dashing about loose in a vehicle or worse yet, hanging their heads out the window.

  5. Nothing would make me happier than a back seat filled with Shelties! I have one ‘love bucket’ – my rescued Angel – Angie.. Your pups are the cutest!

  6. And knowing where they are going and with great expectations, they can only ask, Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

  7. Cuteness times three :)

  8. Are they from New Jersey?

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