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Guaranteed goin’ to the play-offs!

Jake’s got skills!

;) Debbie

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  1. Wow. He looks like a lion king.

  2. He looks very intent! A very handsome guy! We had two Shelties who loved playing soccer with a beach ball. It was quite entertaining for us to watch them too.

  3. What a stunningly beautiful dog! Congratulations.

  4. Cute!

    I bought my boy a similar sized ball, but he didn’t want to play with it. When I couldn’t take a hint, he made his feelings clear. When I rolled the ball towards him, he turned his head away, and refused to even look at it. He always found a way of communicationg his feelings. :-)

  5. My Sheltie loves what we call her “busy ball.” It keeps her busy!

  6. I had a sheltie that played scocer by him self.

  7. Jake has really interesting markings on his face! Beautiful.

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