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I could use a wee bit o’ luck!

Look what I found…

A 4 leaf Cody!

Pretty boy, Richard!

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  1. What a lucky puppy-person! Cody is so cute!!

  2. Cody is a very handsome Fellow…in a field of clover!!!
    Awesome photo!!!…lol

  3. Cody is lovin’ life! He is not only smiling at the camera, he is out and out laughing at/with all of us. This is one handsome fella, thanks for sharing and making my day.

  4. Cody is a beautiful sheltie in a beautifu field. They go together so well. Thanks for sharing your lovely, lovely sheltie with us! This makes my day.

  5. Having a handsome Sheltie like Cody is a big bit of luck—no need for a four-leaf clover.

  6. Looking good, Cody!

  7. Oh, he does make the clover look more beautiful, doesn’t he?

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