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I Miss You…Sorta

This is a cute photo of my Selkie when I had to go out of town for a few days.  

They sent me this while I was on my trip!

They must have told her you were coming home soon, Wanda!  :)

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  1. I always take pictures of my boys with me when I have to go away- makes me want to get home faster for those beautiful smiles and big sloppy kisses!

  2. Another pretty happy butt. Wag Wag

  3. Is there anything sweeter than a sheltie grin? Love that name :)

  4. Love the photo and the story. This smile is one i know well from having shelties the past 39 years! Your sheltie is gorgeous and I know is one happy dog. Thanks for sharing with all of us .

  5. Love that pretty smile!

  6. Aww…I can bet you were gretted with oodles of kisses.lots of cuddles and a great big smile from Selkie when you arrived back home!…lol

  7. What a pretty smile your baby has. I see lots of spins, zoomies and kisses when you get home.

    • My jess

      I had male sheltie similar to this exact picture he past away on 10-14-2010 he had cancer in the eye he was in so much pain stayied alive enough for me to put him down i’ll never for get that day when i lost my best friend my for legged son. he was my heart & soul i saw this i cried ….

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