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If Wishes Were Fishes

Austin wonders if there anything moving in there?

Break it to him gently, Patti!

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  1. Cute!

    (My boy made a point of carefully examining absolutely everything in his environment.)

  2. Kelly, this reminds me of your photo of Trevor keeping an eye on the fish from your pond when they were in the bucket…!!

  3. Austin is so pretty and shows his intelligence and curiosity. The bowl is a great idea and it is gorgeous.

  4. Loved this photo! Um, MUCH more than the political ad above it. :(

    • Bobbie,

      Ads are run by google and they tailor them based on your individual user activity. Not everyone will see the same ads at the same time.

  5. Cute! Hmmm..if I stay real still long enough it will come out of hiding!!!
    I like your idea of the water bowl! lol

  6. Austin is very pretty. I love your water feature, great for drinking, just the right height.

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