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Petunia Fundraiser Update

Last week we featured Petunia, a rescued Sheltie in need of some help.

Thanks to all of your generosity, it looks like Petunia will be getting the surgery she desperately needs!  She has her surgical consult scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th.

In the meantime Petunia’s foster dad has shared some recent photos of her out at a local park. He reports that she has regular baths, as she gets smelly – most likely from the tumors.  But she also gets along well with her foster brothers and as you can see, is really affectionate with humans.

Isn’t she amazing? In spite of all she may have been through, she still loves people.

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  1. Petunia Update:
    For those of you who dont know me, my name is Mark Rhodes, and I am one of Petunia’s dads. Petunia came through her surgery beautifully, and we were so happy to get her back home. She was a little sore and needed some time to recuperate, but all in all did very well and was very happy to be back home. Unfortunately, the biopsy of her tumors did come back positive as cancer. So, in addition to her surgery, Petunia also needed to go through radiation treatments.
    Within two weeks of surgery, Petunia was back in the hospital for ten days, receiving two radiation treatments a day under sedation. Petunia is now back home, doing miraculously well, and three weeks later, you would never know the horrible ordeal this little dog has gone through. Her fur is growing in from all the shaving, and she is a happy healthy cancer free little girl!
    I would personally like to thank Sheltie Nation for their support and for covering Petunias story, and for all of the wonderful people who have donated to Petunias medical fund. If not for the kindness and generosity of so many beautiful Strangers, Petunias future would have most certainly been a very different one.
    Mark Rhodes

  2. Petunia came through surgery w/ flying colors!! The tumor was removed and has been sent out for testing. She is expected to return to her foster dads’ today!! They have missed her. :)

    THANK YOU all so much for the continued support and outpouring of love for the special girl!!

    • Did that include clearing out her ears as well? How did that go? Is she able to hear okay? So proud SN folks came through for such a sweet, loveable princess. Love from Allyn, Sydney (boy), honoary sheltie You2 (cat) and my shelties that have crossed the rainbow bridge — Princess, Cynnamun, Brandy, Bleu, Dougal & Victoria

    • Please keep us regularly updated on her progress – I’m certain we’re all very anxious for the pathology results – as well as her eventual permanent living arrangements.

  3. Thank you so much for helping little Petunia, praying she comes through her surgery safely!!

  4. Wonderful pix of a sweetheart. Her foster-dad is a very kind man (we are with him in spirit). Please keep us updated on her status – we are praying for a positive outcome.

  5. What a sweetie! You can see her tail is swishing in the pictures! She deserves the best chance we can possibly give her for twilight years full of happiness and love.

  6. Katie, Laddie and I have become Premium Members in addition to our donation for this gorgeous little girl. So glad to hear she is happy and doing well. We send her big hugs and look forward to hearing of her progress – getting better all the time!!!

  7. Thank you all SO much! :) You can also donate through the Tri State Sheltie website at Thank you, thank you!!! Without the generous support from Sheltie Nation, we might not have gotten there….Stay tuned for Petunia’s pupdate!!! She sees the surgeon on this Wednesday!

  8. Ah, what wonderful pictures of sweet Petunia. She does love her foster dad. She is such a sweetie. I am so happy that the fundraiser has helped her so much. I wish her all the best in the world.

    Maida, owned by sweet Christopher and sweet Ritchie and my eight wonderful little Sheltie angels in Heaven

  9. Thank you for the update. Love to Petunia and to everyone who donated money and to those who wish they could. Please keep us up to date on this sweet sheltie.

  10. THANK GOODNESS SHE IS GETTING HER SURGERY! This has made my day!! Kisses to you Petunia and your foster family!

  11. What a shame!
    I feel so sorry for you Petunia!
    What would we DO if our shelties were in such bad condition?
    Who would leave you in such a state? (NO offense)
    Good luck with the surgery!
    and wet kisses from,

  12. Oh it is SO heartwarming to hear of the outpouring of love, concern and support for Petunia. What a generous group SN is.

    The sweetness is just a light coming from this dog – everything is crossed here fingers, toes and paws – for her to come through the surgery with flying colors, and start the new and wonderful part of her life.

    Thanks so much to the rescue and the foster Dad. These pictures say it all.

  13. Again I cried for this beautiful little girl as I looked at these photos, but this time for happiness. Thank you so much for the update, she looks gorgeous, the trademark Sheltie smile says it all. I will continue to pray for her as she heads to surgery and for her continuing recovery.

  14. These little creatures constantly amaze me! They might have been through rough times, but with some love and gentleness they can learn to trust again and feel like life is worth living. So happy to hear she’s getting her surgery. Hope all goes well for this little gal.

  15. Just donated !! My prayers are with Petunia and the wonderful people who love and take care of her!!! God Bless!

  16. Can I still donate to her???

  17. Thanks SO much for the update! We think of her often and will keep her in our prayers….

  18. Thanks so much for the update. So happy to see that trademark “sheltie grin” on her face in that last photo. Fingers and paws crossed everything is smooth sailing for this girl here on out!

  19. It’s heartwarming to see these pictures of her. What a sweetie!

  20. She is beautiful and sweet. Will be praying for her and hope she will now have the life she deserves.

  21. She looks awesome! Shelties are the best…so loving! I pray the surgery goes well….she deserves a second chance at life.

    Is SN still sending donations for subscription renewals?

    • Yes SN is still donating through June 11th. Sign up to become a premium member at our forums and $20.00 will be donated toward her surgery.

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