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Puppy Pout…or Pause?

I was playing a little tug-of-war with Indie with the dragon and he lay down to nibble on him, so I left him. When I glanced back he was lying on his toy looking like he lost his best friend or lost some steam? He’s thinking, “Dragon’s no fun now; where’s Mommy?”

Classic Sheltie induced guilt, Gail! :))

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  1. It’s the “poor little me” look, that always wins us over… and they know it!!!

  2. Oh Indie is a real cutie! Those cute little guilt throwing eyes! What a sweetie!

  3. Oh, how adorable!

  4. Indie is a darling! Thanks for sharing his playtime with us today.

  5. Awww poor Indy, you need to play some more!

  6. Cozy Dragon, Indie is beautiful!

  7. I’m very familiar with that look!!

  8. How cute!! Mine does that as well. They think we only have time for play!! Beautiful baby!

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