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Sheltie, Master of Disguise!

Missy says: “Nope, I’m not a Border Collie!”

We all know better, Jessica!  :) She is a cutie!

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  1. Hey kid . . . when in doubt, go with “Baa Ram Ewe.”

  2. What a beauty Missy is! I can tell she is full of love and fun. Enhoy!!!

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Missy is absolutely adorable,and you are going to have many years of fun together!

  5. what a cutie!! nice action shot

  6. Yeah, my Rasa always gets, “Oh, it’s a baby Lassie.” I will agree that Rasa is photogenic and smart (could save Timmy from the well), but not a collie. Welcome Missy, to the Sheltie Nation family and fans.

  7. What Matilda usually gets is, “Is that a mini collie?” No way, I am sheltie! Get used to it!

    Missy’s markings are gorgeous. What a little doll. Congratulations.

  8. What a little stunner she is, you are going to have way too much fun with this one. Good wishes for a long, healthy life with Missy.

  9. Of course she’s not ~ she’s CUTER!!! <3

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