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Sheltie Sprinkler Sparkler Barker!

Say that three times real fast!

What a neat photo of Abby, Beth!

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  1. Abby has to be one of the coolest (literally!) Shelties on earth! A very, very good photo too. Shadow would NEVER, EVER get himself in this position …!

    • She hears them in the front yard first, then waits a half an hour for that glorious sound of sprinklers coming on in her back yard where she can reach them, and instantly the game is on!

  2. Great shot of Abby cooling off on a hot summer’s day! I’d definitely frame this one.

  3. What a great shot! I hope you have this framed or in your dog’s scrapbook!

  4. So cute..Isn,t it funny how a Sheltie won,t go in swimming, but simply loves the hose and sprinkler!

  5. What an amazing photo! Abby looks like she’s singing the praises of water on a hot summer day. Wish my shelties boys appreciated it the way she does!

  6. Meet the Nation’s newest singing sensation! For my first number, I will be “Singing In The Rain” . . . what a glorious feeling!

    Thanks as always for a good way to start the day.

  7. Wow what a cool photo!!!! The water looks like sparklers are burning all around Abby! Shelties are so magical they change water to fireworks lol.

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