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Wash, Dry, and Go!

Monday I washed, fluffed, and groomed Ellie, Jake & Jenny, then I had to take their picture.

They truly are best friends!

All is forgiven, Holly?

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  1. I see one of them has his favorite tennis ball within reach. Hope a game of fetch ensued after their pictures were taken.

  2. So cute, and pretty, and fluffy!

    Extra-cute is the one that doesn’t want to be separated from his tennis ball.

  3. Oooooh! They just melt me!!! What cuties!!! Sending hugs and kisses!!!

  4. what a lucky person you are!
    they look so angelic! LOL

  5. I just want to pop in the picture and kiss their sweet little noses

  6. My Awwww day again! They are so beautiful and may you enjoy many many years of fun with this awesome trio…LOL

  7. The are adorable! And so sparkly clean, too!

  8. What beauties these 3 are, truly stunning . . . sure makes a mommy proud. You can see them saying, “Hurry up with the picture already, we got a serious game of ball waitin’ to happen.” You will be having fun with this trio for a long, long time. Lucky you!

  9. You did a great job, too. They look beautiful and oh so fluffy!!

  10. That’s a good-looking trio of Shelties there! Clean & sparkly, too. Love the tennis ball front & center.

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