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Workin’ Girl!

These are photos of my Sheltie Evie doing an outdoor area search.
She participates in CSI (Canine Sniffer Instinct) – K9 Nose work.
The target odor is hidden in the tree above her (the orange clip) and a second target buried in the snow.
Her “Alert” to the find is to sit.
Shelties love to use their “nose” to find anything that results in cookie rewards & a play session of tug.
What a SMART girl you have there, Ginny!

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  1. What a smart girl! Shelties are capable of anything & everything! :-)

  2. Wow! I did not know this even existed but I should know that shelties would like it and excel in it. Evie is a beauty and is so so smart!

  3. Not only is she smart, she is beautiful!!!

  4. amazing!

  5. Wow, what a great activity! Isn’t it amazing all the things our shelties can do?

  6. Very smart little girl that Evie, and be proud of her for sure.
    Kelly loves to find things I hide all over the place too, and they love doing it .Then they get that proud little sheltie look! LOL

  7. Evie is very bright and very beautiful.

  8. OH, – you must be SO PROUD of Evie. She certainly deserves her cookie and a very long session of tug!! Thanks for share this. She a very special sheltie girl!

  9. Victoria and I love our nose work classes! Shelties are so very good at this sport. It’s a great chance to really build a bond with your dog and learn how to communicate on a better level. Ginny looks adorable in her working vest!

  10. Beauty & brains – lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

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