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You go Girl!

Daisy, a rescue who weighed 64 pounds and was going to be euthanized in May, 2010, has come to her fur-ever home. She has lost half her body weight and now is a qualified service dog. She has an amazing story, and was featured on CNN in January in a story about obese pets for her weight loss.

Daisy’s story is an inspiration to all who want to rescue a dog. An example of a little girl who escaped death to go on to have a happy and productive second chance at life.
Daisy is also not shy of the camera and loves to pose for photos. She seems very proud to wear her new vest and takes her job seriously!

Hugs to you for giving her a GREAT life, Beth!

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  1. Awww. Such a sweet face.

    (And a wonderful story.)

  2. wow what a great story. it just goes to show the great rewards these little fluffy boys and girls can give us if we give them a chance. I am so happy you have found each other, I hope you have many happy years ahead together

  3. What a great story! Daisy is beautiful!

  4. Look at those gorgeous eyes! Is there anything more endearing than a pretty little Sheltie “Miss”? Although, she’s also obviously a “woman” of substance and character;)

    Bless you Beth for providing Daisy with the life she deserves.

  5. I love this story of Daisy..She is so beatiful..Many years of happiness for you Daisy..You deserve it!

  6. It is people like Beth that give me some hope for the human race.

  7. Absolutely amazing. What a beauty she is.

  8. Many of our injured service members returning from Afghanistan need psychological Service Dogs like Daisy. We need to rescue more!

  9. Daisy looks fantastic, Beth! You’ve done a great job with her and I wish you both many happy years together!!!
    Every shelter dog should be this lucky!!

  10. Beautiful girl!! So happy to see such a lovely face and know she is in wonderful hands.

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments. She is indeed a beautiful dog, inside and out. She is the reason I get out of bed each morning. I feel so blessed to have her.

  12. I sure agree with Sullivan’s note above. Wonderful little girl, looks so happy! This is a great story. Having rescued nine little Shelties myself, I can attest to the fact they DO know you saved them and are forever grateful and terribly loving. They have certainly made my life worth living every day. God bless you both, Beth and Daisy. I wish you years and years of love.

  13. What a sweet face

  14. AMAZING! It’s beautiful to hear of the love that people have for these wonderful animals. There’s a special place in heaven for Daisy and all the people that have helped her, especially her new parents.

  15. Congrats to Daisy & its wonderful family…this could have only be accomplished with love…obviously, lots of it!

  16. when I got Chewy he weighed 61 lbs.–he now weighes 47 lbs.—-so I know it is not easy to accomplish what you have done with Daisy! You are an angel truly! Kudo’s to you!

  17. She is beautiful! So happy for her and her forever family!!

  18. So inspirational! Daisy is living up to her potential now with the help of Beth’s love and determination. I’m so happy it all worked out like it did. A new “leash” on life!

  19. What a beautiful story. There is something special in every sheltie and I am glad you found her. She’s adorable and looks like she will be a great service dog. I love happy endings!

  20. Great job and Daisy is beautiful!

    Sherri and Clay
    Miss Maddie, Miss Saddie
    Our Forever Girl Miss Ellie

  21. What a truly inspiring story of love and determination! Daisy went from looking like a bloated dog tick to an adorable Sheltie with a beautiful coat. Great job!!

    We’re still trying to get our Sheltie Murphy to lose a few lbs. I feel inspired more now to help him reach his full potential.

  22. Congratulations! What a wonderful life you are providing for her. She sure is looking good!

  23. OMG, I loved this story! The before and after pictures say it all. You two have given each other a new lease on life. Hugs to you both!

  24. What a wonderful story and Daisy is such a sweetheart!

  25. Driving Miss Daisy, — no…….WALKING Miss Daisy!!!

    Thank you for this rescue, — you rescued her, —–and she rescued you, –what a perfect combination and exhibition of what love can do.

    Please give her a green bean from me with a little bit of chicken breast, too!!!

  26. she is beautiful!

  27. That is amazing and she is so lucky someone had a huge heart and took her in. Thanks to all who rescue these wonderful dogs. I own three shelties and they are so devoted and loving. God bless you!

  28. What a wonderful thing!

  29. YOU GO DAISY! Just look at all the love in those little eyes, what an awesome little beauty you are. Kudos to you Beth for letting Daisy adopt you and, for the marvelous job you have done with this furbaby. We know she knows what you did and is now the new love of your life. Congratulations to you both for finding each other.

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