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And now, time for “The Sheltie Gourmet”

For the Shetland Sheepdog of refined tastes, a glorious afternoon’s strawberry-tasting is one of summer’s most sumptuous pleasures.

Sheltie eats strawberries

Naughty Lucy! :)

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  1. Ah-ha The strawberries a ready, so think I will sample a few before my mommy gets them all!
    Cute and thanks for sharing her with all of us!…lol

  2. hi i have a sheltie she is 4yrs old and when i call her she comes to me walking sideways why? i tell her i don’t want to say to her butt.

  3. So cute! Years ago I had a huge collie. One day he came slowly around from back of the garage with his head down. When he looked at me I could see he had been eating the tomatoes. What a mess. Seeds and tomato juice in his fur.

  4. Ha, my girl braves the thorny berry canes for black raspberries. I’m sorry I ever gave her one as a treat… it’s more for her, less for me! =)

  5. Give lovely Lucy a break! She looks very studious going about her task. Boy, is she a beauty too!

  6. And THIS is why my strawberry plants are wired off from my girls! I came home once to find Ally tugging at the heavy duty wire around my tomatoes, trying to get at them. My Shelties love fruits and veg!

    Hope Lucy left some for her humans!!!!

  7. LOL! I had to put mesh around my raised bed garden because my littlest sheltie boy, Sherlock, was climbing in and eating the peas and spinach :)

  8. Lucy looks so sweet as she is looking over the crop. Boy, does her hair look shiny . Thanks for letting us see your special sheltie.

  9. Now, Lucy; make sure you share and leave some strawberries for others!

  10. While my Cait is crazy about berries of all kinds, she also likes to eat the potting soil. I’m not sure which she likes best, although she’d never turn away a berry.

  11. Co’mon guys! Give Lucy some credit . . . atleast she is not digging them out of the dirt. Looks like right now all she is doing is qualtiy checking to be sure the crop is growing nicely, and how nice of Mom to put them in a pot just her size.

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