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Cricket and Bonnie are real head-turners!

Shetland Sheepdogs on a bench on windy day.

I WISH my hair highlights could turn out like that, Kathy-Jo!  ;)

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  1. Love how she’s standing, with one foot slightly raised. Very dainty and so adorable :)

  2. Cricket and bonnie are beaituful! I love their photo and the caption. Thanks for making my day!!!

  3. I agree, they are stunning. Does Bonnie realize just how much money we women spend and how much time we spend “in the chair” every year to get just that color? Cricket is a beauty also, with those perked ears and that big smile.

  4. Lovely girls … real head turners!

  5. AHHH ! My moment for this morning..They are stunningly beautiful…LOL

  6. They are gorgeous and like that wind in their hair looks like.

  7. Wow! I’d say they are!

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