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Jealous Much?

Awe, how cute!

Shetland Sheepdog and Stuffed Toys

Hey wait a minute!

Sheltie bites toy

Sassy Sprite!  LOL, Debbie!

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  1. Very cute! She sure is the most animated one in the picture…LOL….

  2. Awww … cute … Sprite is a sweetie! Nice photo shoot!

  3. Oh I really like these photos! Take THAT, stuffed Sheltie, for trying to show up the real beauty, Sprite! LOL! My girls were very suspicious of a stuffed Sheltie that a friend bought for them.

  4. What a cute picture!

  5. Another beautiful AHHH moment for today..Thank you for sharing with all of us..What a gorgeous little family!

  6. OMG. That is too cute and funny.

  7. Too Funny! It’s like she’s biting that nose and saying, “See, I TOLD you it’s not real!” LOL!

  8. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! Sprite is a cutie!

  9. What a precious picture of such a beautiful dog!! :-))) She is being a typical sheltie and making sure that no one else in the picture is stealing the limelight!! :-)))) Always the diva!!

  10. I think the one on the right is the best looking

    thanks for sharing,

  11. How dare you try to cut in on my photo shoot . . . there, take that! Now that I’ve put IT in its place, I’m calm again. Take 2!

    • Great comment… just what little Sprite is thinking!

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures… too darn cute!
      Thanks for brightening my morning… sure did put a smile on my face!

  12. Love it! She’s SO cute!

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