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Run free, Georgie!

Shetland Sheepdog runs in field

Wow, what a field, Margaret!

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  1. love this pic!! Georgie is so beautiful running in the wind :)

  2. There’s nothing as uplifting to me as the smile on a Sheltie’s face as Shadow runs toward me across the field! It’s in their DNA to be out running in fields all day …

  3. Georgie is running free and having the time of his life..I love also to see their fir puff up from the wind.
    And yep…there should be the Scottish pipes in the background..Thanks for sharing with us!
    My ahhh moment again for today!

  4. Georgia is having the time of his life! I know how shelties love to run. Georgia is making the beautiful field even more beautiful. Thanks for letting us enjoy this photo.

  5. Now that is every shelties dream that lives in a city with a back yard! Georgie is one lucky dog!

  6. Can’t you hear the Lassie music in the background??? ;-)

  7. This landscape was made so much more beautiful because of Georgie. What a handsome little man he is. I love how the wind has his chest hairs all fluffed up and laid open.

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