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Magician Sheltie

Toby the Magnificent says:  “Now you see it, now you don’t.


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  1. I finally had the chance to watch this. So funny and cute, the old “keep away from the new guy game.”

    Toby’s expression is hilarious, he knows he messing with the baby.

  2. Your boys are so handsome! Such lovely coats! My girl never gets a coat that thick living in the South; guess we’ll just have to move. :)

  3. That’s so funny!

  4. Wow! Look at the gorgeous fluffy coats!!! Beautiful…and smart! :) Shelties rock!

  5. Oh ..the sense of smell they have…I always love that little black Tiger Stripe at the top of their tails…They are beautiful…And…another ahh moment for today!!!!

  6. That is just so smart and too funny. Still laughing. Wow, what fur!

  7. Brains AND beauty !

  8. Fun… very sly …
    Your pup seems to know it is there… some where! I can smell it!

    What beautiful coats they have too!

  9. That’s one way to keep the baby guessing! Sometimes is seems like the grown up like to tease the youngins!

  10. That’s a really smart move. Most dogs would have picked up the ball & run away with it.

  11. Yikes! The video isn’t available. Will it come back later? Will recheck tomorrow [it’s 2:19 a.m. CDST here].

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