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Make Mine a Double

Is Scotch cute enough for ya?
Sheltie puppy cute
Love the lean, Stephanie. :)

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  1. Scotch can get away with anything with that face! Can a dog be too cute? Nope!

  2. THANKS EVERYONE!! I am so lucky to have him :) he is a wonderful companion. For anyone wondering about his scottish tag i just bought it on eBay for like $5. They’re for humans but i just put it on his collar. So exciting to see my little guy make the page!! Thanks again for all the love <3

  3. Puppy fuzz – one of the simplest joys in life. SUCH a cutie and I bet lots of fun too.

  4. Scotch is sooooo….cute! Lucky you!

  5. Absolutely yes!

  6. adorable, sweet face!

  7. Scotch is way adorable!!

  8. Ohhhhh he looks just like My boy Naruto when he was a pup!!
    Bet you anything they’re related!!
    Bless you & him forever in love !!!!

  9. WHY did you put this sweetie on Friday’s Featured Fuzzy? I now have to have him! Scotch, pretend you’re Lassie. I’m in trouble. Come find me. I’ll then dog-nap you & we’ll live happily ever after.

  10. Another morning, and such a good wake up to see this cutie..Every time I see photo,s of these little Sheltie babies, it make me want another!
    Thankyou for my AWWWW moment to start my day!….lol
    ….Many years of lots of puppy hugs, fun and luv with your little one! Our little Kelly just turned four this year…time has flown by so fast!

  11. What is it about sheltie puppies — they just make me want MORE?!
    (I do, however, have a self-imposed limit of four…and I am at capacity.)

    I’d love to know where you got the tag with the two flags of Scotland (the St. Andrew’s Cross and the Rampant Lion combined)?

  12. Ooooh, Scotch is a little darling! Nnothing is prettier than a sheltie puppy. I am so happy for you to have him.

  13. Oh so CUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!

  14. OMG!! What a cutie!!! That is why I have three!!! Two Sable’s and a Blue Merle! They melt your heart with those eyes and that puppy fuzzzzzzz!

  15. How cute. I want to hug that little baby.. Thanks for sharing.. you made my day!

  16. AW-W-W-W-W my goodness gracious, my heart is MELTING. What a sweet, sweet baby. Look at that beautiful face, and all the puppy fuzzies . . . he has me at Hello! How lucky you are Stephanie to get to spend the rest of your life with this little doll, I am rather jealous. Hugs and kisses to Scotch.

  17. Oooooh..I’ll take a triple!! I think I can handle the max out on cuteness!

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