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Psssst, hey. Can we go out there?

I think Truffle is trying to convince you to take him out, Helen?Sheltie looking out window.

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  1. Oh Truffle, you melt my heart!

  2. LOL! Who could resist that face!

  3. What a gorgeous boy!!! I bet he enjoys his time outside!!!

  4. Yep! We all know that Sheltie look, don,t we? Gues where you were heading for! Truffle is very pretty!

  5. Oh, what a a sweet expression. Truffle has someone wrapped around his little paw….

  6. I know Truffle’s expression well! Enjoy your handsome, sweet boy! Thanks for sharing him with us today.

  7. I hear sad violins playing for poor Truffle! That face, I can almost hear her saying, ‘it’s so nice out, let’s go play.’

  8. Typical Sheltie-speak, Mom, I can’t wait any more, I gotta go NOW!!

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