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Run for the Cookie!

Shetland Sheepdog running.

Ariel is such a pretty girl, Kevin & Tina!

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  1. She is like a doggie version of a sunset – so gorgeous and elegant! thanks for sharing the picture!

  2. Awww Ariel is so pretty …
    Yes I think I would probably suffer sever withdrawal symptoms if I coul not visit our Sheltie Nation each day too

    ahah Call a Sheltie FIX for sure…lol

    Each day I open up my email the first thing I do is check out all our beautiful little Shelties!

  3. Just returned from a 2 week 25th Anniversary trip to Europe where I had great difficulty accessing Sheltie Nation. My husband accused me of experiencing “withdrawal” symptoms – and needing a Sheltie “fix” (evidenced by much viewing of “Amanda” photos – there may have been “cooing” noises involved – and a “Skype” session which was very perplexing for her!). Seeing this pic of darling Ariel with her “fancy footwork” made my day. Guess I can’t do without my daily-dose of pretty Sheltie babies on the Nation;)

    • goodness you were in withdrawals! Years ago i worked at an animal hosp. & a childless couple had a Siamese cat. They would go to the Caribbean to scuba dive annually. They called long-distance almost every day, we had to hold the phone to the cage. I also had to hand feed her deli turkey, while ‘whispering sweet nothings’ to her. I bet they love Skype now!
      Happy anniversary BTW!

      • Sounds a lot like us Jo! Actually, we go to great-length to make certain Amanda needn’t be kennelled. Since our son went away to college – and decided he prefers his own more “rugged” vacation destinations (Mom doesn’t “Spelunk”!) – we’ve been able to arrange our vacations so that he can look after “baby sister”;)

  4. I leave for vacation & all the pretty Shelties come out to play! Ariel is striking!

  5. She is pretty

  6. Ariel is one of the prettiest Sheltie’s I’ve seen in awhile. Her markings are so unusual, like Kimberly (above), I’m not quite sure what color she is, but still a beauty to look at.

  7. Ariel is beautiful! Is she a sable merle? Holly, my 5 month old, seems to have very similar markings. Enjoy your weekend! Kimberly

  8. Beautiful coloring! :)

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