Sheltie Nation

“S” Troop

Chase: A-ten-HUT

Jersey: I’m reporting for duty Sergeant Sheltie!!

Sheltie stares at lab

You are right Stephanie, her face is hysterical!

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  1. hahaha Yes Sir…Sargeant Sir! Luv it!

    Thank you for sharing with all of us!…good shot!

  2. Hilarious!

  3. What Corporal Jersey, no salute? Drop and give me 10! We got to show these boys what respect for authority means!

  4. OMG too funny! We can see who’s barking the orders here! What a great shot. The expression on Jersey’s face is priceless! =)

  5. “YES DRILL SERGEANT!” lol that look is priceless

  6. Guess we know who’s in charge. :D

  7. LOL! You have to wonder what the comment was!

  8. What a great caption to the funny photo! thanks for sharing two pretty dogs with us this morning.

  9. To funny! Love it!

  10. I think we have another member in the Military Sheltie Corps!!! Hysterical!!

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