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Sing it with me now…

It’s my party and I’ll bark if I want to.

Bark of I want to. Bark if I want to.

You would bark too if she did this to you!

Oh boy Darci, time for lots of cookies for Watson!

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  1. Thanks everyone! Watson is my first sheltie; I fell in love with the bi-black the second I saw him. But, I would have fallen in love with the him the moment I met him even if he was the scraggliest most miscoloered pup ever, with his awesome little personality!

    And yes- there was a touch of the stink-eye!

  2. Ha! Ha! What a cutie! My shelties wouldn’t have stayed still long enough to take the picture with the hat on. What a good boy!

  3. Miss my Bi-black!!!

  4. This is apparently my dog’s theory every day of her life. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Watson! I thought I was the only person with a bi-black sheltie until I found this site.

  6. Happy birthday to you, Watson! You are a handsome boy.
    I agree with the others– being a sheltie you can certainly bark if you want to and I bet you WILL!

  7. Happy birthday, Watson! Love your song! My Sherlock has a similar song that goes something like this:
    I bark when I’m happy
    and I bark when I’m sad
    I bark, bark, bark ’till my mom gets mad.
    She says, “No bark!”
    and I say, “How come?”
    So I just keep barking ’til the day is done.”

  8. Happy Birthday Watson !!!!
    He is very pretty..Have a great day!

  9. How sweet!!! ENJOY!!!!

  10. LOL! This picture made me laugh! Our shelties are so tolerant of our whims! Yup, I detect a bit of stink-eye too! Good boy Watson!

  11. He is a beauty! Happy Birthday Watson!!

  12. Happy Birthday Watson!! Bark if you want to, after all that is one of a shelties favorite pastimes :-)

  13. What a handsome lad Watson is. The bi-blacks are always so beautiful and even as dark as his face and eyes are and even though he has a pretty smile on his face . . . I still detect a case of the Stink Eye! Happy Birthday Watson and as previously stated, lots of cookies, Mom, lots of cookies!

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