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The Eternal Struggle of Dog vs. Cupcake

Bailey has epilepsy and on June 14th to celebrate 2 years of no grand mal seizures, I baked gluten-free no-sugar-added low-fat “pupcakes” for the both of them.  They waited nicely while I messed with the camera, though by the 3rd photo Bailey looked like he might pass out from anticipation. 

OMG Kim, Zoey looks like she is going to pop!

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  1. Yeah Bailey!! They both look so pained by having to wait for you to finish taking pics. Great photo.

  2. Beau would not wait for me to take a picture. The cupcakes would be gone. But, I’m glad Baily is doing better

  3. I really, really love this photo :)

  4. What a great picture. Sheltie’s can perfect that ‘poor me, I’m starving look’ by the time their 2nd day at home is over. 2 years without a seizure is definitely cause for celebration & I’m sure they really enjoyed their little personal cakes. I also had a Sheltie with epilepsy & it’s so hard to watch a beloved pet go through a seizure. We have a cat that decided to play nursemaid when he had a seizure & I’ll never understand what it was she communicated when he had one, but she’d rush up to him, start patting his nose with a paw & her purr could be heard clear across the room. She’d continue doing that until the seizure was over. Whatever it was that she was trying to tell him seemed to get through as it nearly always shortened the duration of the seizure.

  5. They both have the ‘will you finish, already with the pictures??’ look, lol. They are adorable, and hope they enjoyed their pupcakes :)

  6. Congrats on little Bailey being 2 years seizure fee! Awesome!
    And so funny watching the one ,,,just can hardly wait to get at the pupcake..haah So funny , and they are very pretty too! lol

  7. Great job, being seizure free! Pupcakes look delish.

  8. What a good dog mommy making special pupcakes. Your darling photo brought a smile & a chuckle to my morning.

  9. They are such good dogs! So is our male Sheltie, Boomer!

  10. This is the funniest picture! One sheltie clearly can not wait much longer and one has pleading eyes. I am thankful forBailey being seizure free. ( I had a sheltie who had seizures throuout her life.)

  11. LOL, what an expression! Bailey, congrats on 2 yrs seizure-free! And good job to both dogs for holding back while the pics were taken. Zoey really does look like she’s going to pop!

    2nd request for pupcakes recipe…

  12. Their whole bodies are saying, ” Mom take the pictures fast, Pleeeezze, so we can eat our pupcakes?!”……I agree that Mom has been taking very good care of her babies!……Now, let them eat the pupcakes already!….Wonderful!

  13. My little Peanut (girl) has seizures too! They started the day after her 2nd birthday! She is on medication to control them and hasn’t had one in 2 years TOO!

    • *high five*, Tif! Congrats to your little girl! Bailey’s seizures started when he was 15 months old, took us & the vet a while to get the right mix of meds, but it sure has been working for him. He just turned 4 yrs old, the little guy is full of spunk and loves to pester his big sister Zoey – I am blessed with two goofy little clowns for shelties!

  14. Now that is self control! What a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!

  15. WAHOO! Pupcakes all around! I can just see these 2 beautiful babies *shaking* with anticipation, saying, “Mom, let this be the last picture, PLEASE!!” A BIB, BIG congratulations to Bailey for being 2 years seizure free, that is a testament to his mommy’s good health care.

    • Kim, when you have a moment, would you please share your pupcake receipe with the rest of us? Thanks, have a wonderful Monday.

      • It’s a microwave recipe, and makes one cupcake so multiply as needed for as many pups as you have. =)

        1 egg, beaten
        1/2 teaspoon baking powder
        1 heaping tablespoon flour
        2 tablespoons peanut butter

        Mix together and pour batter into greased 6oz ramekin. Microwave on HIGH for just 30 seconds (any longer, it will overbake and be dry instead of moist), and remove cake from ramekin.

        Notes: I used sodium/gluten/cornstarch-free baking powder (Hain brand), all-purpose gluten-free flour, and lowfat peanut butter – someday I’ll try this recipe with mashed banana instead of pb. I double checked with my vet to verify that baking powder is safe for dogs in the amounts used for baking. Mashed potatoes can be used for “frosting” but sadly I was out of potatoes. =)

        • Thank you Kim, looks like my fur grandkids will be getting treats this weekend. Thanks again for sharing.

          I decided to try and incorporate your idea about the bananas, only using them mashed as the “icing” instead of the potatoes. Peanut butter and bananas, what better combination?

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