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We Got Ourselves a Skinny-Dipper!

Mun-kin, in Kansas City, “swimming” in temperatures of 104 degrees. 

She is staying cool in her pool.   She loves water!

Shetland Sheepdog standing in a pool.

She is a smart girl keeping her toes cool, Jill!

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  1. What a cute name… Mun-kin! Can Laddie, Logan and Chance join in? They will not even go outside! They are all keeping cool in the air conditioned house! It will be 105 degrees here today in Michigan!

  2. This little cutie is a rescue, and is training in agility.

  3. Mun-kin is a foxy looking girl, and smart to know how to go and cool off! I have a little wading pool for Kelly too, and she loves it!

  4. Foxy Lady! Pool party time. That’s about all you can do in the heat.

  5. Mun-kin is a little doll! I am glad she is smart and knows that water feels great on a hot day. Thanks for sharing your precious sheltie with us today.

  6. That is one foxy looking little lady you have there Jill. At 104 degrees, even the worse “water-haters” will be looking to join your beautiful little Mun-Kin in the shallow end!

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