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Always keep your ears at “10 and 2″

Gracie is the best kind of co-pilot.

Sheltie rides in car front seat.

Is she a side-seat driver, Patricia? ;)

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  1. Cute photo, but I don’t see a harness. I hope your precious little gal is belted in when you take her for rides.

    • and, in the backseat as an airbag can kill a Sheltie. I use dog seatbelts and/or crates. These little critters are just
      too precious!

  2. My what an attentive driver, — and Gracie is a very beautiful sheltie, too!
    BEAUTY AND BRAINS, — the perfect combination!!!!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see my baby’s photo posted on Facebook and Sheltie Nation this morning! Thank you so much! My Gracie is a star!

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