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Does this pose make me look sexy?

Bentley, you are too sexy for your sunglasses!

sheltie wearing sunglasses

International Glamour Sheltie for sure, Susan!

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  1. That’s my boy!

  2. Another lucky dog to find such a great home!

  3. That’s our sweet boy whom we adopted 3.5 years ago from No. Va. Sheltie Rescue. Bentley loves the camera (can ya tell?) and representing rescues everywhere.

  4. OOOOh Bentley….Those eyes…You are soooo sexy! How can the gals resist you?

  5. Thanks you for making me smile and laugh, Bentley! Yes, you are way too sexy.. I love your adorable expression on your gorgeous face and your all knowing look in your eyes.

  6. Can I have Bentley’s autograph? He is working that camera!

  7. Those eyes say it all….!

  8. I am not worthy Bentley!

  9. Ohk Bentley! You’re just too sexy for all of it . . . pose, sunglasses and, that cute adorable face that looks to be right on the verge of a case of stink eye! You’re just about half a smirk off the mark!

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