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Is this a dream?

No, Molly it is your new forever home!

Hugs to you Jenny for adopting her!

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  1. Molly looks very content. Congrats to both of you! Win/win!

  2. Molly, you’re a very lucky doggy, but you already know that. Congrats on your new forever home. Looks charming.

  3. Yes Molly sheltie dreams do come true! Thank you to everyone that made it happen. Molly’s mom- you are great!

  4. Wow Molly – looks like you hit the jackpot! And you look happily relaxed! Congrats to all!

  5. Picture perfect! Molly is sure to love her new home and family for rescuing her. Wishing all of you many years of joy together.

  6. Congratulations on your adoption of little Molly….She will be one happy puppy I am sure, and she is simply adorable..I wish you and Molly many many years of love, fun and happiness together! LOL

    PS And..Molly girl you are one very lucky girl and hit the jackpot with your new family!

  7. Your a lucky girl Molly!

  8. Yes, Molly there is a Heaven on Earth & you’ve arrived. What a lucky little girl you are & your new family is just as lucky to have you. May all of you have many happy years together.

  9. I am so happy for Molly having a furever home with sheltie lovers. Her backyard is so gorgeous and so is she! Much happiness to both you and Molly.

  10. Molly sure looks serene and like she is enjoying your beautiful garden. What a lovely sheltie she is.

  11. What a pretty Sheltie smile Molly has! Sitting in the garden in her new forever home, she looks beautiful! SO happy for her, bless rescues and all who give them loving homes.

  12. She looks so relaxed and happy! Hugs to you for adopting this sweet girl :)

  13. Yay!,…Enjoy Molly,…

  14. Wow Molly! You hit the mother lode . . . you could not have found a better home for yourself than if you had created in you rmind what your little piece of Heaven on earth would look like. Congratulations Jenny, she is a stunning little beauty. Lots of long, happy years together.

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