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Sheltie with crossed paws

What a little fuzzy bear Logan is, Gloria!

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  1. Love the crossed paws//Our Shelties definitely have their own little personalities……

    PS He is so pretty!

  2. Logan is one cute Sheltie boy!!!

  3. So cute! I love the crossed arms.

  4. As they say, looks are deceiving… He looks so dignified in this photo… But, he certainly has the funniest mannerisms too.

    If I sneeze he snorts. He will also snort if something displeases him!

    He can jump 3 feet off the ground straight up in the air when I feed him. He bounces up and down several times before I get the bowl on the floor!
    It is as if he has springs on his feet.

    He is a lover though… Logan thanks you all for the positive feedback!

  5. Wow–Logan is one beautiful sheltie. He has got it all! I love his ears, his gorgeous, sweet face , and those crossed front paws. Enjoy your wonderful, well mannered sheltie. We did.

  6. What a nice looking boy!

  7. He looks like a perfect little gentleman.

  8. So handsome & proper!

  9. Oh my is this one good looking male. He is sensational.

  10. Looking good Logan!

  11. OMG!….What a cutie-petutie!..with his little hands crossed like a gentleman…patiently waiting for the fun to start….

  12. Very sweet!!

  13. Crossed paws, my favorite! Logan is gorgeous.

  14. Crossed paws, my favorite!

  15. WOW! This is what I call the total Sheltie package, cute tipped ears, crossed paws, the serious look of concentration, all the while at calm attention! Life just doesn’t get any better . . . oh, and the fact that Logan just happens to be one FINE looking gentleman doesn’t hurt either.

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