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Sheltie Puppy Cage Match!

Teddy tries to improvise play time.

Although I wonder if Tyler does enjoy the fact that Teddy is in his pen?

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  1. The boys are so beautiful – you are very blessed! I enjoy Sheltie Nation so much. Tomorrow it will be six months since my sweet Alick went to heaven. I miss him every day. Your site makes me smile and get a little misty at the same time. One day, I will let another Sheltie into my heart, but for now, your site keeps me in touch with beautiful and special dogs. Thanks for your work!

  2. What adorable Shelties!!! Lovely playtime video!

  3. Looks like a tag team in the making, Tyler and Teddy will be long time buddies. I see lots zoomies in their future. Looks to me like Tyler is saying, “Come on out of there, we got rooms to run, rugs to mess up and cookies to eat.”

  4. My Cody wishes my Caylee was in a cage! LOL!
    Great pics of such sweeties.

  5. So cute. I adore Tyler and Teddy. Soon they will be going toes to toes. Both are beauties.

  6. How many play bows did Teddy do in that clip? Too many to count! He’s a cutie, and Tyler has a new friend for life.

  7. How adorable! They’re destined to become great buddies, I’m sure.

  8. Sweet Baby! :-)

  9. What a sweety Teddy is… makes me want a puppy! Tyler knows he has the upper paw! Too darn cute.

  10. “Let’s get ready to RUUUUUMMBBLLLEE!!!” ;-D

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