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SN Weather Alert: Foggy Morning in Proctorsville, VT

Good thing Foghorn Rosie is on duty to warn other nearby Shelties of any dangers that may be lurking in the dog yard!

Blue Merle Sheltie Barking

Good one, Tracey! :))

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  1. What a sweet girl!

  2. Thanks, Rosie for doing such a good job protecting the sheltie group. Thanks for sharing your little cutie with us. YES, shelties are very vocal and make ideal watchdogs.

  3. I can hear that bark/howl now. Good job Rosie!

  4. Good job Rosie!

  5. What would those other Shelties do without you Rosie?

  6. Funny photo ~ gotta love Rosie :)

  7. What a pretty girl you are and takes her work very serious. Cheapest security system around, and the alarm can be heard all over the neighborhood . . . good job Rosie! I think the baby to Rosie’s right could be cute too but all I can really see is the cute, pink tongue sticking out.

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