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“Swiss” bees!

Chica and Chili are having a blast on the Rhine in Switzerland!

Oh so dirty…but so fun, Freddie!

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  1. Are they having fun or what?! Zooming around like they’re out of their minds and digging holes the size of basketballs. Shelties really know how to have fun!

  2. It’s Monday morning and I feel so blah sitting at work so I thought I would check out sheltie nation for a pick me up. This video made me laugh out loud. I love it… especially the digging contest. Who can dig deeper and the fastest?? This is too precious!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful shelties!!!

  3. my heart fills with good feelings watching those puppys play and have a good time . Bravo!

  4. Thanks for all the comments, Chica, Chili, my wife and I really appreciate it. We love our shelties !

  5. What a cute pair of Shelties! So much energy and so much fun on a lovely beach!

  6. I loved how the sable stole the tri’s hole! Lol!

  7. Oh the joy that they bring…. so beautiful!

  8. This was so neat to watch. I always love shelties having fun and I have never seen any on the Rhine. Thanks for sharing these adorable shelties with us and making our day!

  9. Fantastic!

    Time to run run run run chase chase chase!




  10. Love watching Shelties having SO much fun!!! :-)

  11. Love this video! Especially the digging competition, what characters!

  12. Thank you for the smile of the day!! What fun it is to have a pair of Shelties!! :)

  13. LOL run run run run run run run dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig

  14. Love, LOVE, LLLLUUUVVVV this! What a happy video to watch and rewatch! Chili and Chica really love each other and play so well together!

  15. What fun!! Sure wish I could bottle some of that energy for when my you-know-what is draggin’ LOL Such beautiful furbabies, it looks like they keep you laughing all the time. Thanks for a good start to my day.

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