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The Jig is Up!

Pepper thinks he blends into the Alaskan scenery and we can’t see him?

Do I see a tongue sticking out, Megan?  LOL

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  1. This is such a wonderful photo. His coat looks so unique.. I love his coloring!!!

  2. Pepper is very beautiful! Beautiful photo and pitcure card

  3. Pepper looks a lot like my Sean, and I love seeing him in this kind of setting. It looks like the Scottish highlands! So gorgeous.

  4. Pepper is so gorgeous! His looks really add to the already majestic scenery.

  5. WOW! What a beautiful boy! I also agree, certainly worth framing!!

  6. Beautiful

  7. Wow! Pepper is beautiful and the scenery enhances his beauty.

  8. This scenery is only enhanced by Pepper’s regal beauty . . . and the tongue hanging out for just the right amount of Sheltie humor. What a handsome boy he is.

  9. Pepper is a really handsome boy & he does blend in with the scenery!
    I think he’s resting after a fun romp around Alaska.

  10. I second all these comments……this photo is gorgeous and worthy of a painting or minimally made up for cards !

  11. Pepper is not blending in….he’s enhancing the scenery! What a beautiful boy. I agree this picture is certainly one to frame and display.

  12. All I can say is WOW. He is one handsome boy!

  13. Megan,
    This is worth making into a painting and framed! What a tranquil scene. Pepper is one lucky dog to be such a majestic environment. Thanks for sharing… btw, great name for a blueM. He certainly looks as if he is enjoying himself!

  14. Pepper is sooooo handsome, and he really does blend in with that scenery. But those adorable pink tongues can’t help coming out to give them away!

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